Get Kultur’ed – Interview with Verdine Daniels for CosmoSA

Tattoo Insider – – Danielle Karallis

Verdine Daniels is the founder and editor in chief of Kultur magazine and Tattoo Kultur. Born in Cape Town, he is a designer, photographer and tattoo enthusiast.

Kultur magazine was started in 2011 and has a huge European following, mostly UK, Germany, Croatia and some parts of Italy. Kultur’s following also extends as far as the US and Australia. Daniels started Kultur as a platform to expose talented photographers, models, designers and writers. Showcasing creative work that would in most cases be missed or ignored because of its alternative appeal.

In 2013 he started Tattoo Kultur, which skyrocketed in popularity in the US. Tattoo Kultur is being classed with top US tattoo magazines such as Tattoo’d Lifestyle and Inked magazine.

1. Women today are starting to embrace the tattoo culture more and more, why do you think this is?
I think that it is a lot more accessible, even though it’s pretty expensive to get tattoos done these days. You’ll find a lot of people have some disposable income and a ‘tattoo fund’. I’m finding that it’s also a lot more acceptable for women to have more than one tiny tattoo and go big with sleeves, back or chest pieces that mean the world to them. As we all know, each person has a reason behind why they got their tattoos.

2. Being alternative is a lot more acceptable, where women are dying their hair crazy colours, wearing corsets and getting pierced and tattooed. Do you think fashion has allowed it to become more mainstream?
The alternative scene, with its little cliques of misfits here and there, has always been around. Now that it has become a fashion trend to sport a beard and many tattoos, or have ink from head to toe, a lot of people are beginning to find it a lot more appealing to the eye.

Although it has become accepted by mainstream fashion trends, professionals are still being shunned for having ‘too much’ ink or piercings. It might be acceptable in the smaller circles or the creative industry but they still have a bad rep. Generally associating it with bad attitudes. I, for one, have a couple of big pieces of tattoo work done and I find that a lot of people are slightly intimidated or curious about what is on my arms. I’ve met some of the nicest people who are covered in tattoos and pierced in weird and strange places 😛

3. What are the major tattoo trends happening at the moment?
From what I’ve seen, old school has made a comeback with tattoos of sailor girls, anchors, ships and anything relating to the sea. But there has also been an influx of watercolour tattoos, although not all tattoo artists are able to do this. Then there’s the geometric-stylised designs.

4. What is the worst tattoo you have seen?

The worst tattoo I’ve seen has to be what was meant to be a cat. It was so tiny, it ended up looking like a blob of black mess. Not sure what the wearer was thinking but it was really bad.

5. What advice would you give a girl looking to get a tattoo?
Advice from my part would be to take your time when choosing a piece. Don’t follow the trends and go for something that everyone else is getting. If you are a creative, create something personal that means something to you and not for someone else. Try to avoid any writing, unless it’s really personal or in memory of someone . Make sure to shop around, not all tattoo artists are able to do the same style. You either want old school or modern.

6. Who are your favourite tattoo artists in South Africa?

Currently, there are two artists. Milo from The Cape Town Tattoo Social Club, for most of his old-school styles, and Derek from Metal Machine. What can I say, I like the old-school stuff.

7. What is the sexiest spot on a woman’s body to get a tattoo?

It depends. I quite like the back of the neck or down the centre of the back. Although, I’ve seen some really nice pieces of work done on ribs, just under the breast.

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